Warmed up? Check out six tips for keeping your air conditioner up to date

Heatwave elevates use of equipment in automobiles but care is important to make it work well

With the heat wave in southeastern Brazil, the use of automotive air conditioning is growing again in search of thermal comfort with the windows closed. However, after months of intense cold, the equipment is not always up to date. However the air cooling system requires simple care to use.

Just in time: It’s not good to leave the air conditioner always on. After starting the engine for at least 30 seconds, start the system. This prevents premature battery drain that will consume faster by turning on both devices at the same time.

Stayed in the sun? After a few hours in the sun the interior of the car gets very hot. Before turning on the air at the coldest temperature and strongest ventilation, it is best to open the windows and only after turning the air conditioner a little. This will allow hot air to escape, improving equipment efficiency and saving fuel.

“Air minimum” : beware of the coldest temperature. Turn on the air at the lowest temperature but then adjust to about 20/22 degrees. This saves fuel and the efficiency is almost the same.

Always open recirculation: After reaching a comfortable internal temperature for the occupants, the ideal is always to keep the recirculation open. This helps to renew the car air while health thanks you.

Avoid thermal shock: before reaching the destination, it is best to turn off the equipment and open the windows by blending in with the outside temperature. This avoids thermal shock and eliminates the chance of getting a cold.

It was turned off? Maintenance on it

After some time off the air conditioner may need maintenance to work properly. José Manoel Veludo, manager of AM Marcelo, São Paulo specialized workshop recommends a semi-annual cleaning of the device to avoid future problems as well as maintain efficiency.

Cleaning: In addition to checking the hoses and lubricating the system, maintenance checks the compressor voltage and operation of the air conditioner as a whole. 

Cabin Filter Change: This is a very important item that most people forget to check and don’t even know where it is. The cabin filter is capable of trapping air impurities and even small objects such as insects. It’s worth making the switch.

Gas charge: Gas used in refrigeration can lose efficiency over time and need to recharge. But before simply reloading, you need to check the air conditioner seal to prevent future loss.

Are spray products worth it? They even help to neutralize odors as they contain substances that enter the air conditioning recirculation system. However, experts explain, it is even better to change the filter that lasts longer and ends up being cheaper.