VW T-Cross sales boost boosts turbocharger production

Compact SUV boosts auto parts production

BorgWarner has announced that it will boost turbocharger production in the country. This is due to the growing sales of the VW T-Cross SUV, powered by 1.0 and 1.4 TSi engines, which in June had 2,996 units sold.

In 2018 the company manufactured more than five thousand turbochargers for the Brazilian market. Despite increased production based on the growth of the Volkswagen T-Cross, BorgWarner has Ford as its main customer in Brazil. 

The company introduced the first compact turbocharger for flex engines in the Brazilian market, the B01, in 2012, with the compact Up TSi. It currently equips the entire Volkswagen TSi line and the increase in production is due to the automaker’s growing demand for the newly launched VW T-Cross SUV. In addition to Volkswagen and Ford, the multinational also serves BMW, Mercedes-Benz, among other automakers.

Cars equipped with BorgWarner turbochargers

The company also reported that in 2017 about 40% of the world’s combustion engines were equipped with BorgWarner parts. The number is expected to jump to 59% within eight years. “We are implementing our global know-how and extensive local turbo engineering expertise to develop a compact, high-temperature-resistant component for Volkswagen models,” said Vitor Maiellaro, manager of BorgWarner Brazil.

Turbocharger technology provides superior engine performance for energy efficiency. At the same time, the adoption of the turbo reduces emissions and fuel consumption. BorgWarner believes the turbocharger is the tendency to make internal combustion engines more efficient.

The B01 engine utilizes optimized bearing system, relief valve controlled by an electric actuator and advanced noise reduction.