Ranking Brazilian sugar exports fall 17% in the semester, but Raízen grows 8%

Company goes against general downward trend in exports; From January to June, 19.82% of the total volume exported by Brazil was produced by Raizen

Brazilian sugar production in the 2018/19 crop was the lowest since the 2005/06 season – a modest 29.07 million tons of the commodity were produced by Brazilian mills, which in the past have already surpassed 38 million tons of the product. In the first half of 2019, the downward trend continued: volume was 10.28 million tons, the lowest for the period since 2012.

The reflection on the export of sweetener is obvious. From January to June, 6.99 million tons were shipped per hold, the smallest volume in the historical series released by the maritime agency Williams Brazil. The amount is 17.28% lower compared to the same period of 2018.

And this is the second consecutive year of reductions for the period. Between the first half of 2017 and 2018, the volume dispatched by Brazilian ports had shrunk by 18.3% . The scenario was reflected in an annual amount 25% lower compared to the previous year .

Even with the general fall, the lead among exporting companies continued to be that of Raízen, which repeated the results of the first half of 2018. This year, the company contradicted the general trend and registered a 7.19% growth in export volume, with 1.39 million tons of sugar.

The value also corresponds to 19.82% of the 6.99 million total tons shipped until June 2019. That is, for every five tons of sugar exported by Brazil in the semester, one was produced by Raízen.

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