Old Volvo truck stole the scene at Fenatran: Meet the N10

N10 1980 was repurchased by the factory after more than three decades running around the country: model had 360hp turbo engine and carried up to 52 tons

Volvo launched during the Fenatran, held last week, a commemorative series of the truck FH540 that will have 40 units alluding to the 40 years of the brand in Brazil. Despite maintaining a commercial operation in Brazil since the 1930s, it was not until 1977 that Volvo decided to manufacture vehicles in the country.

FH540 and N10 1980s: commemorative version’s white sky painting dates back to 40 years

Auto Modern

With a modern 540 hp turbocharged engine and automated I-Shift gearbox, the novelty features the special “white sky” paint, which debuted in Brazil in 1980. The new vehicle has intelligent torque management system capable of reducing fuel consumption by 10% and will be sold in configurations 6X4 of 540hp, 6X2 of 500hp and 4X2 of 460hp.

FH540 has 540hp engine, I-Shift automated shift and torque and consumption management

However, the 1980 N10 exposed next to the novelty literally “stole” the scene from Volvo’s booth at Fenatran. The truck is “001” produced in the country at the then brand new factory in Curitiba.

Volvo N10 1980: turbocharged engine, brake with three independent air systems and 16-speed gearbox

With a 263hp TD 100A turbocharged engine and eight-speed ZF Ecosplit (16-speed high and low) gearshift, the N10 had a modern semi-advanced cab concept, ergonomic interior and new features like the three-system independent air brake and ball-driven power steering. recirculating, concept used in the Ford Galaxie, which guaranteed lightness in maneuvers.

Restoration involved booth, structure and interior for display at Fenatran 2019

At 19,000kg gross weight it was capable of carrying 52 tons of cargo.

Volvo N10 at Curitiba plant: arrival of automaker raised the level of trucks in the country

The N10 was in line with the Scania LK140, also with turbo engine, and competed with the largest trucks manufactured in Brazil at the time such as the Ford F22000, Mercedes-Benz LS1932, Fiat 190 and Chevrolet D80.

N10 truck working in Rio de Janeiro in 1980s photo

Despite all the modernity, the N12 was soon replaced by the N12 with numerous advances. The vehicle exhibited at Fenatran was sold in 1980 by a Santa Catarina dealer to a transporter in the region who licensed the truck in Rio Grande do Sul (the vehicle has the initial sign “I”).

Typical brand panel with good ergonomics and easy driver access controls in the cab

At the same time, Volvo also stood out in the B058 city bus market, using heavier articulated vehicles that required more powerful engines.

Wheels characteristic of Volvo models used in trucks and buses of the time

It rode for over 35 years all over Brazil until it was located by resale and repurchased. According to Volvo, despite the time elapsed, the 1980 N10 was in excellent shape and was scheduled to be at the Volvo booth. But before it was retired in a job that lasted only 60 days.

The interior of the truck was redone using original fabrics and shades of the time, the cabin was repainted as well as the structure. However, in the engine, almost nothing was tweaked. This proves the robustness of these hard-working vehicles across the country that tell the story of a brand now recovered for posterity.