Luxury cars, come the formulas for free and flexible rental

From ownership to the use of cars: an epochal transition that, born in the wake of sharing mobility, has so far been concerned with mid-range and low-end cars. Now the scenario is changing again and from the mass market starts to spread in all target markets, including the luxury and superpremium area.

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This is why even in the high-end segment, new solutions are being developed for a market that has profoundly changed the way people relate to objects. Ownership of the car, in particular high-end, is highly onerous and often the time of use does not justify the use of financial resources for the purchase.

Precisely to meet these needs, Primerent, a specialist in high-end car rentals, has created the Drive Prime programs, or 4 different solutions that adapt to the personal needs of each user.

The approach starts from the consideration that the customer, immersed in increasingly technological and customized services, now lives a different relationship with material goods, putting the taste of living a product before the pleasure of owning it, which is why the frequent replacement of a car it is often favored for a long time.

Among the solutions designed by Primerent the most innovative is Drive Hybrid, the first “hybrid” rental formula that allows you to rent an electric car, but with the possibility of having a traditional motorized car when you have to go long distances. The electric car in the city is ideal: it consumes little, does not pollute, allows access to all areas with limited traffic. But on long journeys the electrical still shows its limits, due above all to the charging infrastructure which is still too weak. The problem with this type of solution is solved.

With the Drive Monthly program, instead, the customer freely chooses for how many months to rent the car without binding to a long-term rental company but, if he wishes, he can extend the duration of the rental according to his needs, changing the car whenever he wants , all with a simple credit card. Drive Weekend offers packages for weekends; while with the Drive All Season program you are free to choose the type of car you want to drive based on the season, perhaps choosing the comfort and comfort of an SUV in winter and the feeling of freedom that only a convertible can give in the summer .

The services devised by the rental company are designed to offer the possibility of getting rid of car ownership and all the costs associated with it. Eliminating the constraints of duration, Drive Prime also satisfies the demand for ever greater freedom and flexibility, ensuring the luxury of being able to always drive the top of the range and the latest market news without obligations and limitations.