Google Maps Launches Motorcycle Navigation Feature

Users can calculate and compare car and motorcycle routes, including traffic restrictions.

Google presented today, at an event held in the city of Santos, São Paulo coast, a new feature for Google Maps. Now the application now provides in Brazil the navigation mode for motorcycles with specific routes and instructions for riders with information about points of interest.

From today the rider will be able to see route options and estimated travel time exclusively for this mode.

Google testing in Asia, where the system was upgraded before reaching Latin America

According to data from the National Traffic Department (Denatran), in 2018, there were more than 26 million bikes registered across the country, thinking that Google decided to supply a market that until then was null. “Given this data and the continued growth of motorcycle use in Brazil, Google seeks to make life easier for those who use this mode of transportation to get around,” says André Kowaltowski, Google Maps Product Manager for Latin America and Africa.

In addition to custom navigation, you can compare the estimated time difference for car and motorcycle routes. The system was developed in India, where it has been in operation for just over a year, and was later extended to countries with a high flow of motorcyclists such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.


As the law prohibits the rider from holding the phone or even looking at the screen while riding, the instructions are transmitted by audio including informing landmarks and even the name of the nearest street or avenue where the user should follow.

Soon future

Google has also announced that in the coming days it will launch the “safe travel” function, which will allow the user to be warned if the vehicle leaves the route set by the user. This may assist taxi and related passengers. The same function will be available for automobiles and motorcycles as motorcycle taxi service is becoming popular in the large and medium cities where these applications are regulated.