Black Friday, Amazon workers strike in Turin and Cuneo

16-hour stop for ecommerce platform employees to protest for workloads and to ask for more security

Workers from the Brandizzo (Turin) and Marene (Cuneo) offices, in charge of
goods distribution, have chosen the days immediately before Black Friday to cross their arms. According to
the workers themselves, the protest was called by Uil Trasporti in the logistics sector to denounce “grueling workloads” and demand more safety at work.

The package is a 16-hour strike, from 27 November, which will be held without notice.

The strike concerns the employees of the companies that deal with the delivery of orders and not those of the company. «For deliveries to customers – the company explains in a note – Amazon uses specialized small and medium-sized companies. Amazon requires that all delivery service providers comply with the Amazon Suppliers Code of Conduct , and ensure that drivers receive adequate compensation, are treated with respect, comply with all applicable regulations and the highway code, and drive in a sure. Amazon checks any non-compliance reports. The number of packages from
delivering is assigned to delivery service providers appropriately and is based on the density of the area where deliveries are to be made, on working hours, on the distance they must travel. Amazon assigns routes to delivery service providers who then assign them to their drivers based on their availability.