70% of the machinery is made in the cellars of the world

In Milan the 28th edition of Simei, the <b /> International exhibition of oenology machines. In 2019 exports increased by 10%, for a turnover of around 900 million.

Bottling machines, barrels, even electronic noses: over 70% of the equipment located in the cellars around the world – including the French cellars – was done in Italy. The sector of machines for oenology will not be a huge cake in absolute values, but it is a cake almost entirely in the hands of Italian companies.

It is with this absolute primacy of the made in Italy that on November 19th the 28th edition of Simei, the international exhibition of oenology and bottling machines , opens at the Fiera Milano that will continue until November 22nd.

Italy has not only always been a market leader, but despite the many obstacles on the way to world trade, even this year it has managed to expand its market share in this segment: in the first five months of 2019, for example, the overseas sales of made in Italy oenological machinery increased by 10% compared to 2018, for a turnover of around 900 million euros . Above all, the labeling machines are growing, because the wineries are investing in particular to have machinery with more flexible characteristics. Where are made-in-Itay machines spreading faster? In Argentinafor example, where the production of wine is in strong growth. But also in Croatia, Greece, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Spain and the United States. While France and Germany remain stable consumers of our products.

At the Milan Fair there will be over 500 exhibiting companies and 30,000 operators are expected from more than 90 countries around the world. In addition to machinery, the architecture of the cellars and visual design, packaging and sustainability will be at the center of the Show . We will talk about non-destructive techniques for viticulture and the latest in technology in the cellar, such as the electronic nose. Finally, Simei will host the first world convention of the Women of Wine association.

«This edition of Simei is back in Milan even more international – says Ernesto Abbona, president of the Italian Union of wines that organizes the fair – in addition to the space for technological excellence dedicated to wine, which remains the beating heart of the biennial fair, we will open the doors also to “liquid food” and extremely topical issues such as the architecture and design of future cellars “.