The 52 Largest and Most Profitable Sugar and Ethanol Companies in 2018

Among the largest sugarcane companies, the number of profitable companies fell in 2018. In addition, reduction in average profit was 21.7%

It is not from today that the sugar-energy sector faces financial difficulties. However, some companies still present favorable results that stand out in the numbers expressed in their financial statements. This more select and capitalized group may be restricted, but there are some surprises in the up and down ranks.

This is what reveals the annual publication of Exame magazine, which brings together the financial results of the 1,000 largest companies in the country. The figures for the sugar-energy sector were compiled by novaCana and show that, in the 2018 publication, 52 companies in the sector posted profits – five less than in 2017 .

The number appears among the 82 companies that entered the ranking, which brought one company less than in the previous publication. Of these, 24 reported losses, the same number as 2017, while six others did not have their adjusted net income data disclosed.

Considering only those companies that closed 2018 with profit, the sum of the results is less favorable than in 2017 – a decrease obviously influenced by the lower presence of the sector in the ranking, but also by a weaker financial performance.

Even so, this was the second highest value in the historical series started in 2009. The sum of net profits was $ 1.55 billion in 2018, a 28.57% reduction from the $ 2.17 billion seen in 2017.

Also among the companies that registered positive results, the average profit was US $ 29.81 million. In 2017, the average profit was US $ 38.10 million , record of the historical series. Thus, there was a 21.75% drop between the two most recent analyzes. Profitable sugarcane companies had been on a rising trend since 2015, and fell in 2018; but even so, the result was higher than 2016.

The published ranking – made in partnership with the Foundation Institute for Accounting, Actuarial and Financial Research (Fipecafi) – presents the 1,000 Brazilian companies with the highest net revenue. With this, it only contemplates a part of the sugar-energy sector and presents an overview based only on the results of the largest companies.