Raizen Energia begins its first public consultation for RenovaBio

Centroeste Unit, in Jataí (GO), marks the group’s debut in providing information for admission to the program

With RenovaBio a month to go into effect, Raízen Energia – the country’s largest sugar-energy group with 26 plants in three states – is expected to begin the public consultation process for its first unit.

According to the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), information from the Centroeste plant in Jataí (GO), will be made available by the inspector firm Green Domus on Monday (2). Data will be available for comment until January 2.

This way, Raízen will not have any plants issuing CBios when the program is launched. This is because, after the public consultation, the inspector firm must produce a new report and, if necessary, modify the grade assigned to the unit. This document is then sent to the ANP, which will re-verify the information before approving the certification.

Currently, only two ethanol units have completed the process. They are: Vale do Paraná, from the Pantaleon group, and the Boa Vista mill, from São Martinho. The mills began their public consultations in June and August, respectively, but were certified by the ANP only in November. It is expected that in the coming months, this process will become faster within the agency.