Profarma announces purchase of Drugstore Rosario for $ 173 mi

Profarma reported buying Rosario, Brasil Pharma, for $ 173 million

São Paulo – Profarma Distribuidora of Pharmaceuticals announced on Monday that its subsidiary Nice RJ Participações has entered into an agreement with Brasil Pharma to acquire all the common shares issued by Drogaria Rosário SA

The acquisition was made at a price of 173 million reais, which will be paid in two installments: the first in September and the second 36 months after the closing of the acquisition, according to a press release from Profarma.

The operation is subject to approval by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense ( Cade ).

The agreement signed on September 25th also includes all the quotas issued by Centro Oeste Farma Distribuidora de Medicamentos Ltda (COF).

In early September, Reuters reported, citing sources, that Brazil Pharma, the country’s third largest pharmaceutical retailer, was close to selling Drugstore Rosario to Profarma Pharmaceuticals Distributor, in a sale that could reach about 200 million. of reais.