Industry Elite: Revenue from the largest sugarcane falls, but Ebitda advances

Ranking brings results of the 39 sugarcane with the highest net revenue in 2018; performance disparity is evident

The results of the top sugar-energy companies – or at least those that had the highest revenue – can give you an idea of ​​the market’s progress. Of course, the sample is not representative at all, but analyzing the performance of these companies reveals important industry data.

The indicators of revenue and net income, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) and onerous debt of the main companies in the sector were disclosed by Valor Econômico, in the Valor 1000 ranking, which annually indicates the largest companies in the country. .

The 2018 survey included 39 sugar-energy sources, three more than in the previous year and ten more than in 2016. Of the total, only 16 showed growth in net revenue over the last two years. As the other 23 declined, the average revenue of companies in the ranking decreased by 2.3%.

The highest recorded revenue was from Copersucar, which sells the production of 35 plants, belonging to 20 groups. In 2018, the trading company received R $ 29.12 billion – a 2% increase from the R $ 28.55 billion registered in 2017, when it was also in the first position. In recent years, the company has shown steady increases, even small ones.

Following are some of the largest plant controlling groups in the country, which also held the same positions of 2017: Tereos Internacional, Biosev, Bunge, Atvos and São Martinho, respectively. Biosev and Atvos, however, had lost revenue in the comparison between the years.

The following is a historical evolution of the 10 largest companies in the sector and the results of the 39 main sugar-energy companies in 2018 in the following indicators:

– Net Revenue
– Net Income
– Debt on Debt